'all Riverdale is not always good, but we can guarantee that RiverMales will always be amazing, well at least better than Riverdale. And when the queens bet bored with the Black Hood or Archie's boxing club, they discuss their "Secret Scenes" that only they can see on their tv and these scenes usually take place in saunas. There's a LOT of Gay-D-D on this podcast, y'all.

Before this show was Rivermales, it was actually TV Tea Time, and Mattie and Poodle recapped a lot of different shows. Feel free to dive in and recap FX's FUED: BETTE AND JOAN (drag queen acting), and Logo's award-winning, FINDING PRINCE CHARMING. And by "award" we mean it's a hot train wreck of a show that attempts to be the Gay Bachelor. This show is gayer than Christmas morning in Judy Garland's living room.